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About school

Stramberk Elementary School is a primary and lower-secondary school situated in the picturesque and historical town of Stramberk in the north-eastern part of the Czech Republic. It is a state school with a long history which dates back to the year 1910.

It is attended by almost 300 students, who have access to nicely refurbished classrooms,

two new well equipped language classrooms and specialized Chemistry, Physics and Biology labs. In addition to these, it also has two IT classrooms, a modernised gym and a food canteen. Two nurseries also comprise part of the school complex. After school supervision is available too. It is overseen and organised by qualified supervisory staff.

In our school pupils receive their basic education between the ages of six and fifteen. The main goals for our pupils are achieving basic literacy and numeracy skills as well as establishing solid foundations in Science, Mathematics, Geography, History, and Social Sciences.

In recent years, our school has begun to intensify its focus on language teaching. Foreign languages are among the compulsory subjects with English lessons starting in the first year. In the seventh class, the pupils choose a second foreign language as their voluntary subject. They have the option of studying either German or Russian language or availing themselves of extended lessons in English, so-called English conversation lessons. Also, we strongly believe in using alternative ways of language learning and therefore we have recently introduced an innovative method known as Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). We also participate in e-Twinning which is a free online community for schools in Europe.

E-Twinning is a simple way to forge partnerships and work on projects with other schools in Europe mainly by using information and communication technology. It aims at helping schools to bring a European dimension to their activities and to integrate ICT into the classroom. Our school has already participated in several projects and cooperation with foreign countries has become very popular with both the teachers and the students.

Every year our pupils visit Vienna and every three years they have the opportunity to travel to London for 5 days.

The school environment is open and encouraging in many other areas. Pupils are constantly motivated and stimulated to learn. Therefore, we incorporate modern learning techniques, such as “Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking”. These methods are designed to help students think reflectively, take ownership of their personal learning and understand the logic of arguments.

Of course, our school is involved in a variety of projects which focus on different aspects of education the most prominent of which is Environmental education. This involves pro-nature

related activities throughout the school year. The objective is to heighten children´s awareness of the importance of looking after the environment. In this connection, every spring the students organise Earth Day which is held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Furthermore, both pupils and teachers represent part of a long term international educational program called Eco-School. It encourages pupils to be responsible for their own environment related behaviour and prompts them to be nature friendly and as green as possible.

Another area our school gives considerable attention to is the cooperation of younger and older pupils throughout the school. Children from the primary school prepare and subsequently implement certain activities for the older pupils and vice versa. The aim of this so-called ´Cross-School Project´ is reciprocal communication, encouragement and last but not least opportunity to forge new friendships within the school.

Among other regularly held and very popular activities are the Christmas and Spring fairs, St. Miculas celebration, Advent Bell- Ringing Evening, Fancy Dress Party, the school Talent Show as well as the School Academy and Earth Day performances staged for parents and the public. In addition, there is the Goodbye to Leaving Students function, winter skiing trips, cycling trips and numerous other sport related events.

Working in close harmony with parents, town councillors and the community, we do our best to enable students to realise their full potential and develop the skills required to become independent, self confident and self sufficient adults.

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